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In our attempt to find balance in all things that we consume, we discovered a sensitivity to the subtle energies that permeate the atmosphere around us. We filter our water, food & air, why would we not purify & filter the energy of the spaces we occupy? The feelings of dis-ease & dis-comfort are lower vibratory frequencies, non-conducive for a thriving lifestyle. Balance disharmonious frequencies through our pre-built models or customize a device specific to your intentions.



Intuitive Counseling

Intuitive Counseling is a form of Energy Management.  It is a process between counseler and client where the working relationship continually gives all the power back to you, the client.  We believe you know the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden inside.

Let us assist you in realizing the power you have within.





WOrking with Nature:

the path of Self Substantiation & Sovereignty

Moon Medicine & Sun Solutions is the manifestation of those who adore life.

Mother Earth encourages us to learn to provide for ourselves, without harm or conflict with our Nature. Our mission is to cultivate an awareness of self care as earth stewardship and build a resilient community. 

We work with the mineral, plant and elemental kingdoms to provide tools, resources and blueprints to those seeking sovereignty, balance & wholeness.


Mountain Gold

Shilajit is the premium substance for building Qi and to increase the potency of your spinal fluid. Shilajit contains over 85 minerals in ionic form including humic acid and fulvic acid. Harvested in Ladakh at elevations of over 3000 meters, the raw substance is processed through an elaborate series of Ayurvedic stages to produce the pure elixir found here.

Formula: Pure Shilajit prepared with traditional Ayurvedic processes

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Access to knowledge should be freely available. The time of all knowledge surfacing the waters of Truth is upon us. Align to universal Truth, its your Sovereign Right To Know.