Lifting the veil on the natural laws of the universe, Crystals aid in the spiritual ascension of humankind.

Crystals remind us of where we've been and where we want to go. Crystals are sentient tools that awaken ancient wisdom and bring higher awareness in times of need.

Think of crystals as our friends, guides and partners. Working with crystals helps establish a deeper connection with our higher-self. Crystals will restore balance, generate love and connect us with past lives. Crystals are composed of frequencies that you can set specific intentions into. One can use them to move towards a desired destiny or break old karmic patterns.

Like Orgonite, crystals & gemstones can raise your vibrations and energetically assisting our co-creation in the world.


a Rolling Stone

The Crystal Movement is about the transference of crystals across the globe and into the hands of people.

The movement is about bringing crystals into our classrooms, offices, homes and pockets. Crystals can bring growth and happiness to all. There is no limit on what crystals can be used for in our lives; whether breaking from addiction, seeking connection or allowing the flow of abundance. The great thing about Crystals is that you can amplify what you need.

Have you ever lost or misplaced a crystal? Crystals come into your life unexpectedly and move on when they've accomplished their intended task.

You can give Crystals to the elderly, homeless or ill. Like programmed chips in a computer, crystals will operate through your conscious intention. You can place crystals or orgonite in polluted areas to create harmonious environments and administer care.

Crystals should be bought, sold and gifted as part of the movement. When you purchase crystals from our store, we encourage you to hold them in your hands and consciously intend that they be used for love, awareness and the good of all.

To find which crystal is right for you, click on each item to review the list of properties for each specific stone.