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Practical Advice for Navigating Life

Amber Moon offers heart centered intuitive guidance to those seeking wholeness & balance in their life. We innerstand the challenges presented to us in this world. Fortunately, there are those among us that assist us through it all, remind us of the Truth and guide us to living harmoniously with ourselves and the Earth.

With diligence & sincere care on the path of beauty & wisdom, Amber brings her experiences in the tarot, alchemy, vision quest, massage therapy, homesteading, natural living, medicine making, crystal healing & energy work to those seeking wholeness & balance. Now, she is offering her unique gifts through one-on-one scheduled video conferencing with her and the Tarot Deck.

Guidance will come with follow-up assistance in the form of recommendations for medicinal plants, stones, Sacred Space Generators, nutritional supplements, etc. - all according to the individual needs of the seeker. We don't just simply lift the veil to the problems of life, we provide the solution to remember the beauty and abundance that is available to us always.

Everything is connected & certainly there is no coincidence. At the same time, everybody is unique and having an individual experience within the whole. The tarot is a tool which allows us to dive into the solutions that are specific to our individual experience.

30 Minute Session
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60 Minute Session
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