Water Charging Triskelion Device


Water Charging Triskelion Device


These devices are created to combine the already powerful effects of Orgone energy and the neutralizing power of the Triskelion coil to orgonize water, food, supplements, etc., placed on the device.

Taken from Dancing With Water..

"The triskelion or ” triskele” is also known as the tri-spiral or “Spiral of Life.” The three spirals in the triskelion are interconnected with no open ends thus creating one continuous line. Each spiral turns in the same direction. The three spirals represent balance, harmony and continual motion indicative of the flow of life and of the Earth in her seasons and cycles.

As receivers and transmitters, triskelions made of certain metals gather and disseminate the frequencies at which they resonate. The triskelion has an amazing ability to neutralize harmful energy, balancing Yin and Yang, (positive and negative; masculine and femine) in almost any setting. 

Triskelions set up a bio-electric and bio-magnetic energy flow based on mathematics and sacred geometry. Placed in or around water, they create energetic vortices that bring molecular structure to water."

Metals: Red Nano Iron Oxide, Aluminum, Copper

Cleansing and Charging Powder: A crushed combination of Selenite, Blue Kyanite, Petalite, Sage, Beach Sand and Mica is added at the top of each Arkansas Quartz Crystal in your device for added strength. These additions will also help to bridge the effects of the device to the user.

Crystals: Each device contain Arkansas Terminated Quartz. This crystal was ethically obtained and acquired directly in the United States. Quartz is considered the mother of all crystals and can be programmed to assist in any goal or desire. Although it is not visible, a clear terminated crystal quartz is in the center of this device.

*Creator Clause: This listing is for the sale of a one-of-a-kind Orgone Energy Device. Due to the casting process, each hand-made device will differ slightly in appearance and may contain slight surface imperfections.  We encourage you to lightly sand and polish your device to retain its clear and smooth appearance over time.

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More Information

  • Orgone Energy Devices are handmade with love, carefully sanded and polished before being shipped to you.
  • Solfeggio frequencies are played during the curing process to help balance energy and raise awareness.
  • CLICK HERE for more information regarding the history of Orgonite, its effects and benefits.
  • Disclaimer: Each person will experience our Orgone Energy Devices differently. The devices will aid in your energy field the way you ask it to and the way your biology allows. These devices are not being sold as professional medical help.


  • Negative Ion, Orgone Energy Generator
  • Allows for positive life energy to flow in the local environment and reduce the effects of Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Fits comfortably in hand or pocket during meditation or flat on body during healing or Reiki work
  • Added Precious Stones and Crystals are intended to flavor and enhance the energy
  • All devices are created with the intention to balance your entire being: Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual
  • Devices are portable and can be used to clear energy at home, work or in your vehicle